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(Terrestrial happenings that involve me on video)


(Terrestrial happenings that involve me)


BLOODING MASK's 4th Album THE 5 MONSTERS iw out again on triangular psychic pack!


THE DANSE SOCIETY's VI is finally available on RED VINYL!





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(Terrestrial happenings that involve me on video)






"A classic slice of Italian Genius"


Prog Magazine



"Maethelyiah is a revelation, effortlessly conveying haunted, sorrowful and imposing femininity, yet also frequently bringing an edgy eroticism and sensuality"


Prog Archives


"Her vocals are powerful and her choruses will make you think she has three lungs"


Chain DLK


"I started playing your CD (What that hollow shows through), then realised I had to stop doing what I was doing and restart it. Then I was totally somewhere else. I don't know where you took me but it was somewhere not of this world."


Enrico Ghezzi


"To say that she's got a range is an understatement. It's like Kate Bush on Mars!"


Mick Mercer

Welcome to Maethelyiah's Universe, internationally known Opera and Alternative Rock singer, social activist, song writer, composer, and writer. With a past as TV and radio journalist, she is keen animal and human rights campaigner, actively fighting domestic violence, bullying, anorexia and bulimia. She's also a mentor in Reiki, music and Esoteric disciplines.


For info, booking, interviews, questions, suggestions etc, please email enquiries(at)maethelyiah.com.

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Welcome to my Universe.

I can feel you from the Space now and it's such a pleasure to stand inside your head through your eyes.

Your brain is soft, comfortable and very cool.

Please take care of the dreams you'll have from now on.

I am inside your brain now until your death and for longer again, but don't worry I'm not a virus, I'm all but that.

I can be what you call angel or devil depending on the side you sleep on.

I thank you now.

You will thank me back, sooner or later.

Blessed be.