Copyright © I.A.P. UK - 1999-2014

Copyright © I.A.P. UK - 1999-2015

I've always loved writing and I do it every now and then someone or something inspires me. My stories have always something to do with magic.

I am not a professional writer, despite I have been compared to Ian MacEwan, but I write because I have plenty of stories wishing to come out and take shape through my words. Since I started I noticed that a lot of people enjoy these stories... so I just carry on writing!


Sometimes I meet the characters of my stories in my dreams. It's like they're waiting for me in an underground cave, which looks like a labyrinth... as a sort of brain with a red light constantly on, several yards deep into the ground. This weird place sounds like an industrial disco, a bit like a catacomb in London, but also with several rooms containing tables and a big big hall where people just walk and talk to each other rather than dancing. The way people look is pretty post-punk, cyber looking, steam punk or really from a time machine and I enjoy every dream I step in it.


I think I'm pretty lucky that Mr. Freud is no longer around... don't know what he might have thought about this dream, but certainly I can live well with my underground friends and carry on writing without any of his possible attempt to find something wrong in it.


When I was at the Primary school, my teacher said that I was supposed to become a good writer... now maybe she couldn't have guessed I was becoming a musician instead, but certainly my creative nature helps alot in finding the right colors and shapes to put into words.


At the moment, apart from my bands I am writing a new story inspired by real life events. It will take a while to complete it. Anyway I'll post it on these pages when ready.



Kyuh Jesse


"kyuh Jesse" (Old Jesse) is an unreal fiction novel where a weird spell cast 5 years ago affected most of the old people in a town.


Inspired by a real ancient tradition where bewitched trees can product some sort of "strange fruits" and weird effects on humans... this story came out on a rainy day when I found several pine-seeds breaking their wooden wrap and growing.


It fascinated me to think what it would have happened if they were bewitched and grow inside us...

The 5 Monsters


"The 5 Monsters" is a dramatic novel where you can live the very last hours with 5 men sentenced to Death. I felt inspired to write this story after I read several articles about serial killers, then spent years interviewing prisoners and running researches. Some of them were innocent, some of them would do it again if back in time, some of them instead were guilty but they were protecting someone...

I digged into it and wrote about their minds, until the last breath, until their last thought.

Broken Wings


"Broken Wings" came out during a holiday I spend in August 1997 near Naples, Italy. Not sure how a spell about the Easter Islands came from... maybe because of a wishful thinking... but it rapidly took shape into my mind and through my old Olivetti typing machine (at the time my glorious accomplice).


A pressman comes back home from the Easter Island and finds out that his camera produces altered pictures... When his girlfriend dies and her ghost walks on the shore, the camera reveals some secrets.


Perverse Spring


Perverse Spring" is my first entirely adult only story, (nor that you would recommend the others to children anyway). Sometimes pulp, sometimes hard, sometimes very cruel but always so hallucinogenic, the story takes place on a train. A female serial killer calls her victims by flower names and leads herself into a very destructive end.


I was definitely inspired by an old train and managed to take some photos before it was replaced by a brand new one. Probably not the best of my stories, but certainly a very fetish thing, if you like off the wall and filthy stuff.

My macabre love story


"My Macabre Love Story" is a weird novel inspired by a real story. The real essence, the morbid truth between appearance and what lies behind the curtains of one of the common lives in a small town.


Fragments of science, a deep global Exorcism, the essential transformation from Widow to spiritual Mother, the main character finally realises what really keeps her alive and changes her life. Survival is finally replaced by life.


A witness to domestic violence and the road to freedom.




"Underground" is a fiction novel, defined as a cyber splatter (wow) where a young gay guy kills his boss, after years of bullying and escapes. He finds the corpse of a dead girl and a little dog convinces him to take her well kept bag, containing a diary that will change his life. A little colored recorder looking like an underground coach is the provisional name for the girl he wish he met before. Proving strong feelings for a girl alters something in his heart and as a flower grows, also his friendship with her does... so they sometimes bond together.


There's a few adult scenes... I know... but think that life without sex would be like an English breakfast without bacon and eggs, can't help it.


Maethelyiah is currently writing "In the arms of my killer", her seventh novel. We can't say when it will be published yet. A notice will be posted as soon as possible.