Gay Pride and gay rights


Haven't joined this year because I strained a ligament (grrr oh well it happens!) but I believe you don't need to be gay to support gay rights.

I believe that everyone is entitled to do anything safe sane and consensual , and I support marriage and adoption for gay coouples, because love comes in every combination, the same way as neglect does.


Here's me on the left in a past parade. I was biking because it was a bit long to go on heels :)

I'm a member of Dogs Trust since 2005, when I adopted my dog Fiore from an Irish dog shelter, the Briarfield Animal Sanctuary, that used to work with Dogs Trust.


Why them?

Because they have been wonderful. Dogs Trust only live out of people's donations and never put healthy dogs to sleep. They also look after dogs when the owner is off ill or dies. By registering and becoming a member, you can have peace of mind that your dog would be protected, no matter what. I have set up a direct debit in 2005 which I can change any time in proportion to what I can really donate each month and I'm proud to support such an efficient and caring charity.

Also I often read of people who find dogs and can't keep them, or accidental births, or serious changes in circumstances that hold dog owners from keeping their pet permanently or temporarily. Dogs Trust is still the best answer, as they would assure the next owner is well vetted and suitable.



Adopting a pet? They would help you to find a compatible dog for your household/family. Don't just go for what you would like, but have a realistic evaluation of what's the best mutual relationship for your next companion.

If you are not very active, trust me, you don't want a greyhound, as much as if you're a very tiny fragile person, you don't want to hold a bullmastiff on the lead :)

Last but not least, I think that it's always better to adopt unwanted dogs for various reasons: the first it's appalling that people just breed for money. These are living beings. Would you love to be impregnated in a cage and live like that until you die? Girl dogs (I prefer the term bitch to be used with the people who breed, not the dogs), don't go in menopause. There are far too many heartless people who use them until they die strained to produce puppies to sell, regardless this has an impact on the health of the puppies as well.

Both my dogs are cross breed (boxers) and cross breeds live much longer and are most of the times a lot healthier than pure breeds.

Besides, there's plenty of pure breeds too at Dogs Trust, but at least rather than spend a hundreds or thousands of pounds to enrich people of dubious reputation, you can spend just around £. 100.00 to sustain the registration, vaccination and vetting expenses, which are necessary.

Another reason why adoption is great, is that there is absolutely no difference in terms of affection. Whether you adopt an older dog or a puppy, the love will be the same, guaranteed. My second dog adopted, Jazmin, was rather badly neglected by a neighbour. I got her that she was nearly 10 kilos underweight and could barely stand on her legs. She is now a nice old lady in perfect condition. It took a little longer to have her used to me and fully trusting but within a year she went from being afraid of everything to a happy girl.


PUPPY OR ADULT? Well I had both. Yes puppies are cute but they will demolish your sleek furnitures, handbags and shoes. It will take months of patience and training, so if you have got children in the house or if you work outside your home, you might wish to adopt an adult dog as 9 times in 10 is trained and you will be unlikely to step into a puddle when you're back home. Besides, grey cheeks are just as adorable! The way an older dog looks at you can't be described with words.


What I said above is my own personal advice. I had dogs in my household for my whole life, (pure and cross breed boxers). I can't imagine my life without them. Take it as a personal rather than a professional advice remembering that direct experience is always the best and that each dog is different, just like we all are different from each other. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


To find out about Dogs Trust, please click on the Dogs Trust icon on the top left side of this paragraph.

ps: they've got a store department with lots of yummy treats and gifts for your pet lover friends!

In 2010 I joined Simona Sessa's campaign and became the Patron of the Italian National Calendar against anorexia and bulimia, to support awareness and promote natural curves. I impersonated Jessica Rabbit at the red carpet even in the centre of rome (at Ecclesiaste) where we were on TV the whole day talking about curves and how good it is to have them.


Anorexia and bilimia are psychological eating disorders mainly triggered by the distorted way medias portray women and girls, where people are forced to compare themselves with a standard that is unnatural and sick for most people.

The idea is to start comparing to nobody and making the best of each one of us because we are all different.

Starving to look like Twiggy, unless you are naturally thin and eat normally, isn't good. Starvation won't make you happy, and in the long run will have a serious impact on your well being. Being at your best means looking after yourself and do things sensibly. Being curvy isn't wrong. Being excessively overweight can be bad just as being too underweight. But the ideal weight has to be measured on YOU and not compared to somebody else!


Muscles are heavier than flesh. Big breasts like mine (H cup) are very heavy and they grow even bigger in time (unless you are full of silicon but it's not my case).

Your BMI has to be subjected to your own build and lifestyle.


Simona Sessa's calendar doesn't promote a standard, it promotes the way you are, and the whole package is sexy and feminine, inspired by the pinup style.


She is also running seduction courses. Plenty of things going on there. Click on the link on the top of this paragraph to discover more.



Jazmin and Fiore, my girls. Jazmin (white) was adopted at 5 years old. Fiore (fawn) was adopted when she was a puppy. They have both been rescued.



I am an animal and I don't want animals to be tortured, no matter the reason. On the other hand, as a two legged animal I believe that since I can't eat the same things as my dog nor she can have my same remedies if needed, why should I trust a research run on animals can fit me? Sure it doesn't.


I believe research is advanced enough to ditch the obsolete and harmful and unreliable animal testing and start running tests on alternative sources.


Apart from my personal opinion above, Dr Hadwen's Trust, the UK's leading non animal medical research charity is the best place where you can gather all the information you need on alternative research and support their brilliant job.


Click on their logo to go to ther website and find out more.

I just recently discovered this organisation that promotes gender equality, because I saw a very moving and significant speech from Emma Watson that explains why sexism is a serious problem not only for women but for men as well.


I myself have been targeted, espeially replacing a male singer in two bands, on a few occasion by bullies that believe that sexism is good. Well... HeForShe is an organisation that aims to make a change by promoting gender equality and I believe this is a very important issue for everyone.


I have never been a feminist. I believe that men and women fill each other's gap and are made to be together not competing each other but working alongside. That's how it has always worked beautifully for me.

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