Black Magic


In many years of Witchcraft, the most commong question I have been asked is about black magic. I read of more and more people bursting with hate and urging to get revenge. But revenge for what?

If something has gone wrong, why wasting your time for revenge, when clearly who harmed you isn't worth one more second of your time?

Of course I had my black magic time, when I was an adolescent and I had my anger time. I had my good go with black magic. And then?

Yes I admit it's great to know you CAN do it, but the thought that you can be superior and just can step back and let the idiots boil in their own gravy is even better.

If anybody has been unfair to me, I get it off my chest then over, time to move away and do my own business.

In order to do black magic you need to call some entities who won't do that for free.

Anybody who's unfair to me is clearly an idiot and sooner or later will dig himself his own grave... I prefer keep my manicure as good as it is. In Italy we call it shooting to the red cross... why wasting bullets that can be used for important stuff?

D - Dogs


Dogs are my Familiar, my insights, my elemental soulmate. I was born with a boxer in the house and I will die with a boxer in the house, or maybe two or three!


I love all animals (well except most insects, but being an animal myself and animals are species-oriented so am I), but in particular I love dogs and even more in particular I am boxer addicted.


I hae many things in common with boxers: like them, I switch from lethargic to crazy. I am very protective towards my dear ones I could kill, I am passionate. Physically I am just like them, not too big, not too small, muscly to the core but with a tiny waist!

When they hold you in their jaw they won't drop you, and they would die to protect their loved ones.


I can't imagine my life without boxers in the house.

Definitely not.


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