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Italian English related, Maethelyiah is one of the descendents of the De Mari Family.

Prodigy child, extremely creative and passionate, little Maethelyiah spends her childhood and asolescence studying music and ballet.

Established in the UK 14 years ago, Maethelyiah fronts two previously male fronted bands, legendary The Danse Society and Il Segno del Comando, along with her Esoteric band Blooding Mask. Compared to Kate Bush, Siouxsie, Diamanda Galas, Maria Callas , who is really Maeth?


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My new objective:

I have been a victim of domestic violence in the past. This means that I had to make a very long and hard work on my body spirit and mind to recover from physical and mental break down.

After a long time, I feel now happy and confident enough to offer support to victims and ex victims of domestic violence and bullying.


I am also active socially to fight anorexia and bulimia with Italian star Simona Sessa, and featured as Godmother on the Italian National Calendar against anorexia and bulimia in 2010.


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NEW: Available in Scarborough (North Yorkshire) or on line, as well as I can travel to you providing travel expenses included, I have developed a special program based on my 30 years experience in breathing and singing, as well as power speech.

From opera to rock, every technique is different but mostly is mastered at its best when you know how to use your whole body to empower yourself and amplify your skills.

Any age is welcome, whilst the service is available for free to disabled patients. Great for leasure, to learn to manage corporate presentations or to start or improve your career in singing.

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