Motivational support


I have been a victim of domestic violence in the past. This means that I had to make a very long and hard work on my body spirit and mind to recover from physical and mental break down.

I was nearly killed after a horrific attack. I was left wounded and scared. I couldn't even think about leaving my shelter. I had fractures and scars, some visible, some invisible and deeper.

After a long time, I gained my happiness and confidence again, to the point I understood that this sad experience can be turned into something positive and empowering for me and for other women willing to rebuild their lives. This is when I started to offer support to victims and ex victims of domestic violence and bullying. I started anonymously in blogs and forums, where I still offer my support, but now I feel it's time to go in person, to listen to what those women feel to say and help them finding their way to find their life again.

I am therefore inviting support organisations as well as support workers, or even the victims directly to contact me.

I had help when I needed it, now it's my turn to help.


I am also active socially to fight anorexia and bulimia with Italian star Simona Sessa, and featured as Godmother on the Italian National Calendar against anorexia and bulimia in 2010.


Together we can help rebuild lives.

Please note that this is part of my social activism and that I am not asking for a retribution.


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