Vocal coaching


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Vocal coaching:


I have developed a special program based on my 30 years experience in breathing and singing, as well as power speech.

Have you ever wondered where I get my multioctave choirs? How I arrange them? How I write my vocal parts? How I can sing anything from opera to Alt rock?

Our voice is an instrument. Our body is the assets and makes the instrument work.

Learning to breathe properly and to sing correctly will prevent you from developing medical conditions that could compromise your voice, as well as will give you the confidence and strength you need to deliver the perfect performance. Whilst it won't assure you tech guys on stage will make you sound fabulous, you will be confident that no matter whatlays between you and your public, your performance will be solid as rock.

My techique will enable you to manage your stress level, widen your vocal range, even to reduce the damage of smoking if you smoke, will enable you to sing with confidence even if you have a cold.

From opera to rock, every technique is different but mostly is mastered at its best when you know how to use your whole body to empower yourself and amplify your skills.

Any age is welcome



Great for leasure, to learn to manage corporate presentations or to start or improve your career in singing.


Available in Scarborough (North Yorkshire), or on line, as well as I can travel to you (providing travel expenses).


CONTACT ME for bookings, special deals and to discuss special packages.