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Maethelyiah has been cooperating with a few interesting artists , more recently with Global Citizen, Will'O'Whisp, Cybernova, En Velours Noir, Il Ballo delle Castagne plus a few more that will soon be revealed as soon as the tracks will be released.You can read a few reviews on the right box or go to the Reviews page to read more.



Maeth recorded the track Thoroughness of thought, in the album Kosmo released on Nadir Music in 2012 under invitation of Paul Puppux.


The band obtained a really good reputation in the Italian metal prog scene as it's believed they ar the Italian "Dream Theatre", and is currently recording the new album where Maeth will feature as a guest again.





Razors is the track Maethelyiah recorded for Cybernova in My Lee more touch e2 Ah, released on Pocket Panther Records in 2013, with opera vocals on a dubstep track. Remixed by engineer Rosa Tosto it's a real unique piece!

En Velours Noir


The Green Goddess and a few more tracks were recorded in 2006 with maestro Luigi Maria Mennella for Dans les Fleurs En Velours Noir, released on Mvsa Ermeticka.



Opera vocals and acted verses on sumptuous piano, for the lovers of decadent style.

Il Ballo delle Castagne


La Foresta dei Suicidi is an ambient track where Mathelyiah features with very ethereal vocals.


La foresta dei Suicidi is one of the tracks contained in the album Kalachackra , released in 2011 by SPQR.

If you wish to submit a request for collaboration, please go to the contact page.

Global Citizen featuring Maethelyiah - Red Light.

Release date to be confirmed.

Pre-order on limited edition heavyweight black/red splattered 7'' vinyl with free digital copy on release.