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Maethelyiah is currently fronting The Danse Society (UK), Blooding Mask (UK/IT) and is partner in crime co-fronting Il Segno del Comando (IT). You can find brief band Bio and quick links below. More reviews, pictures, videos and interviews are in the respective pages.



The Danse Society


Maethelyiah joined The Danse Society at the beginning of 2011 when the band, after recording the album named Change of Skin, lost track of previous singer Steve Rawlings. At the time only one of the tracks was recorded with his vocals on, while all the other tracks were instrumental.


She got in touch with the band through their facebook page after for some reason she felt to look up for The Danse Society. She was put in touch with them straight away and they started co-writing the lyrics for all the tracks. The only track recorded by Steve received full makeover. She recorded all the vocal melodies and completed the full album in a few months. Change of Skin was then released in July 2011.


Since then she co-wrote the songs of Scarey Tales, second album since the reformation, released in 2013. She also took care of most of the video production and design with her co-owned company I.A.P. UK. Currently The Danse Society 's new album 'VI' is out in 2015. The most recent single 'If I were Jesus' was awarded in the top 10 best songs in 2014 and is aired on BBC6 Radio as the best the band ever sounded.

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Blooding Mask


Maethelyiah founded Blooding Mask in June 1992 when she used to live near Rome, Italy. The project was started to translate magic rituals and dreams into music. With lyrics in many different languages, including ancient Teban and latin, magic rituals, Maeth's choirs and alienated keyboards bring a strong tension, amplified by the very eye catching live shows.


With 4 albums produced, respectively "All the colors of Death", "What that hollow shows Through", "The 9 Pearls on the Trail" and "The 5 Monsters" (soon on audio movie with real actors playing the story), Blooding Mask is now recording the 5th album, for the first time with a full line up, rather than having Maethelyiah playing all the instruments. Il 2010 Diego Banchero (bass), Roberto Lucanato (guitar) and Fernando Cherchi (drums) have joined the band and performed "The Most Haunted Tour" which run shows in all haunted places, including Avebury in Wiltshire.

"The Cell" video , with acted intro by David Bickerstaff (Dr Who, The Scariyfiers), was exceptionally filmed inside the circle of Stonehenge. The English Heritage don't allow music videos to be shot there. She managed because she saw the video already made in her visions despite even very big names were turned down.


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Il Segno del Comando


In 2013 Maeth joined Il Segno del Comando replacing previous male singer Mercy (Malombra) when invided by mastermind Diego Banchero. She recorded the vocals of "Il Volto Verde" between 2012 and 2013 but it was announced only in 2013.


Part of the line up is the same as Blooding Mask (Diego, Fernando and Roberto), together with more talented musicians such as Davide (guitars and keyboards), Giancarlo (keyboards and sax) and Riccardo (vocals).


Currently the band is now fronted by her and Riccardo.

Il Segno del Comando released the video "Chidher il Verde" and will start touring in 2015. The first gig is confirmed on the 21st February 2015.


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