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Musically speaking, Maethelyiah is an accomplished Opera (Rossinian Soprano) and alternative rock singer and song writer. Her nearly 5 octaves vocal range space between male singing and high pitch bird song.


Her specialty is choral harmonies and melodies recorded on multitrack resulting in a pure Maethelisation instantly recognisable, sometimes pushing into experiments in quarters of tunes and turning fragments of magic rituals into music.

Inspired by the voice of her Grandmother who used to be an opera singer, and in love with the voices of Mina, Giuni Russo and the sound of Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Peter Gabriel and Franco Battiato, Maethelyiah started making music in the age of 12.


Compared to vocalists like Italian Mina and Giuni Russo, then to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie and Kate Bush can give you an idea on how wide her range can go, because these wonderful performers have nothing to do with each other, apart from their amazing talent.


She was soloist soprano in what is now called Roma Tre. in the late nineties.


She has composed scores for theatrical and ballet use, she has featured on TV and radio channels (BBC and Italia 1) magazines world wide (Rockstar, Rock Sound, Rumore, Prog amongst them), featured in books (from journalists Mick Mercer and Igor Patruno amongst them), and is causing headaches to a significant number of people who try to pronounce her name on a daily basis.


Her theatrical presence has enchanted in hundreds of gigs inside and outside Europe. She has featured alongside artists and bands like Marilyn Manson, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Spear of Destiny (Kirk Brandon), Il Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Eugenio Finardi, Clan of Xymox amongst them. She has performed at various festivals like national Italian Festival Arezzo Wave, German International Festival Wave Gothik Treffen, British Festival Whitby Goth Weekend.


Her music has charmed movie directors Michele Soavi and Luca Tornatore and TV director Enrico Ghezzi. You can hear her voice performing the St@lker Version of "Come Inside" with The Danse Society as the main soundtrack to the film St@lker. You can also hear her voice in the Christmas Special Emmerdale in 2012, still with The Danse Society.


Calling her a singer is a limitation. Whenever she composes new songs she dips fully into the theme to paint it in every colour with her voice. Her most recent work with Blooding Mask, The 5 Monsters (see My band page) was fruit of 5 whole years collecting material from the Death row and interviewing prison staff.


She's currently fronting legendary post punk band The Danse Society (since 2011, replacing original male singer Steve Rawlings), founded Blooding Mask (in 1992). She's also fronting Italian prog band Il Segno del Comando (since 2013, replacing original male frontman Mercy). See My Bands page to read more.


She has also collaborated with En Velours Noir, Will'O'Wisp, Il Ballo delle Castagne, Cybernova, Global Citizen and Black Widow Records,featuring in the outro of "E tu Vivrai nel Terrore", tribute to horror film director Lucio Fulci.


For booking, recordings, proposals, collaborations etc. please email uksmart(at) and don't neglect the subject or it might end up in the spam folder or to someone else's attention because such email address is shared.