Random selection of videos from charity events, videoclips, gigs, interviews and whatever Maeth does, with her own commentary, (not including the clips with audio only). If you spot her in a video, please email us and we'll add it here.

St@lker (With The Danse Society).


The scenes where Paul and I appear in this videoclip were shot in december 2012 in Rome. by Luca Tornatore and his two cameramen (can't remember their names). All the scenes that you can see are taken from the film St@lker with Ignazio Oliva, Anna Foglietta, Francesco Salvi amongst them. I must admit I loved the film not only because it's inspired by a true story, but because it really feels real. The characters evolve during the story in such a way you mighe begin to wonder whether it's acted or a snuff. There's such a raw feel all along it, reaching its peak and giving me shivers when Come Inside starts (in the hottest time of the film) that really nailed me. Got to watch it again!

White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)


This video , with The Danse Society, features award winning artist Callum Nash drawing the rabbit appearing on the band T-shirts. It's a really impressive fast forwarding of the making of it.


The song, contained in Scarey Tales, is a cover we recorded covering the unmisteakable "White rabbit" of Jefferson Airplane.


Video released by York Place Films.

Message in the wind


I have no idea where this video comes from.


Message in the wind is another extract from Scarey Tales. I love the way this huge flock of birds moulds into different shapes freely in the sky.

If I Were Jesus (With The Danse Society)


I wrote If I were Jesus in 2004 but despite previous attempts to make it work, it has been stuck in my hard drive for all this time until recently with the magic interaction of Paul Nash, Iain Hunter, Jack Cooper and Sam Bollands it has turned into a beauty that is collecting the best reviews we had since our reformation. With the precious collaboration of award winning artist Callum Nash, I.A.P. UK have released this video shot in November 2014 in Scarborough. The thing I most love is the interaction, the live feel that we had for the first time (I tried to have it before but it was difficult to have everyone available at the same time), and the spinning effect of me crucified is not an effect but a go pro camera taped to a spinning ball hanging by the ceiling.

Sound of Silence (With The Danse Society)


'Sound of Silence'is the other side of 'If I were Jeus' and just like 'If I were Jesus' the video was shot in Scarborough. It was shot in the same day and we only changed our clothing between the shootings. It's not the first time we did a cover but for some reason this one feels quite emotional. Again, interacting with the new line up is somehow empowering as it brings back to the band the fresh young blood back in.

The making of VI (With The Danse Society)


Below, two video teasers from 'The making of 'VI' new album of THE DANSE SOCIETY.

A teaser from 'Bloodstream' and some backstage from the shooting of the video 'Doodlebug'.

'Doodlebug', as well as the backstage images you can see in the Episode 1 of the making of VI, was shot at Eden Camp.

AWESOME (With The Danse Society)


'AWESOME' is the first video from 'VI', third album since the band reformed and 6th since the beginning.


It's a lyric vdeo that we made as a special thank you with our supporters. Since the band reformed, it has been now nearly 5 years, 3 albums, many gigs and two remarkable line up changes.


After the great response obtained by 'If I were Jesus', AWESOME continues the consolidation of our new sound. It's a rather cheeky track that Paul Nash says brings back the feel good sound of 'Somewhere', and I must admit, I wan't there at the time but gives me the same feel good listening to it.

STAR WHISPERER (With The Danse Society)


'Star Whsperer' is the second video from VI, the new album of THE DANSE SOCIETY.


It's one of the thought provoking tracks of the album, facing 'homelessness' which is one of the most serious issues of modern society.


All the pictures were designed by artist Sean Taylor. The images were all hand made and then moved in the old school way with invisible thread. Finally the clips were processed in post production and enhanced, resulting in this gothic dramatic video that I am deadly proud of!


VI is now available on Society Records Ltd on the band's website.

Il Segno del Comando - Chidher il Verde


This video, like the name of the band, is inspired by the same named 70s TV Series produced by RAI Italian Television. Such masterpiece is so iconic and stylish that we couldn't refrain and borrow some of the original scenes, taken from a few episodes uploaded on Youtube, and mixed recreating a similar style, in Black and White like only I.A.P. UK can do.

Chidher il Verde is one of the tracks from Il Volto Verde, brand new album of Il Segno del Comando I am proudly co-fronting.

Scarey Tales - the trailer teaser


I remember when we filmed this trailer in Scarborough. The weather was stormy and the wind was blowing cold!


I was asked where that book comes from. Well it's a really old book purchaed in a charity shop a while ago for a couple of quid. It's a copy of "A complete concordance to the old and new testament and the apocrypha" containing a dedication dated September 1953. There are many dry rose petals in between the pages. Video released with I.A.P. UK

The Seduction (2012)


This video was shot in March 2012 and released in April. Loction was Winter Palace near Worcester, the same place where we shot the video for Vatican. We were in the huge cellar. There's no real reason why this was BDSM inspired, it was just a suggestion we had from the owner of Winter Palace and we liked it. It was shot all in the same day, we even had a little accident (one of the candles set a wall on fire when I was tied blindfolded and gagged!) but it was quickly put out and we completed the shooting without problems.


This track was never included in an album. Video released with I.A.P. UK



Just like "The Seduction (2012), Vatican was shot in Winter Palace near Worcester. Vatican, included in the album Change of Skin, the first since the reformation, has strong references to the church and the holy inquisition and the corruption that keeps it miles away from what religion should be.


The video itself isn't against religion itself but against the excessive use of religion to make money and to exercise an abuse of power.


Video released with I.A.P. UK.

God cry


God cry, from Change of Skin, was shot mainly in London and somewhere in Derbyshire. It features various extras, Amber, the lovely girl with the pot in her hand, Ricky Gellissen (Actor), Allan Allsopp (From the folk band Friggit) and Jude East (actress).


The story is about what would make a god unhappy , famine, starvation, war, anger, and this sort of Pandora box first hidden then uncovered that once opened spins things in the other way around. I wrote the storyboard then we shot it with I.A.P. UK.



This video was the first released with The Danse Society. It was deliberately minimalist, basic, transitional, just like the band it used to be before with Steve Rawlings and the band it is now with Maethelyiah.


It was a bit of an experiment. There was a deliberate intention to forge it looking like it was made in the eighties and because Revelation is the track that opens Change of Skin, first album since the reformation, it really felt as if it started in the era everything stopped.

The Danse Society live in Leipzig


This was our first gig ever with The Danse Society. The trip was long because we drove to Germany. It was the 26th May 2012 and Martin Roberts only recently joined the band.

We started at around 3pm and the sun was shining on stage. I could barely see what was going on. The crowd was really nice and so the crew, I must admit.

I could tell a most people enjoyed the show despite a few technical issues, whilst a few ones were puzzled because didn't know that Steve Rawlings wasn't in the band any more (By all mean... we are not exactly spitting image, I understand :) ). But we really loved it.


Martin was very emotional and tense. We all were partially, because the first show is always the first show. They didn't perform together for nearly 30 years and my last gig was in 2010 when I toured with Blooding Mask at the Most haunted tour.


When I mentioned the tech issues I meant that for some reason the sound man didn't seem to like the keyboards very much. They were awfully low, you could barely hear them and that was a bit of an issue, because the guitar was quite loud and so the drums. In the end a good chunk of the sound disappeared. We sounded rather metal because of this.

All the beautiful long keyboard intros and their The Danse Society signature were obscured :(


Other than that I really loved seeing people danSing, clapping, and even the few puzzled ones, why not?


Oh one note about my outfit, since I have received a few messages telling me what I was doing naked. Well I'm going to list exactly what I was wearing because such messages really made me smile.

I was wearing a vintage hat, a jacket that I bought in H&M in Birmingham, a custom made danse tutu, retro seamed stockings from What Katie Did AND thick skin coloured tight 60 den that were so thick it felt as if I was wearing leggings lol... so definitely I wouldn't call it naked :).

Oh can't remember where I bought the spiky pony boots I was wearing. Strange I usually remember where I bought my hundreds of pairs of shoes but not this one... could be Ebay.


Anyway, to be the first gig ever I can't complain. It was lovely. I loved every moment of it and at that time there was a good team feel. Glad we have this team feel again, reached again with the change of line up.

Fighting Anorexia and Bulimia with Simona Sessa


I spotted this video that Simona Sessa has posted about a red carpet event she organised in the centre of Rome, for her campaign to fight anorexia and bulimia. Her organisation Pinup del 2000 offers a full bunker and weapons to fight the miserably skinny image that media give to girls and women, and to accept that every body comes in different sizes and shapes. By offering tools and support to turn girls into sexy pinups as well. Simona Sessa is a vulcanic woman, journalist, pinup that I am proud to support in her campaign. I was godmother of her calendar in the 2010.

Hooheii - Blooding Mask


Hooheii was the second video shot for Blooding Mask. This was rerpesenting bits of "The 5 Monsters" novel. I wasn't really beating Allan, he was ok :) It was shot in Swindon, in a small cemetery inside Lydiard Park.


During the shooting, one of the graves really moved. It was rather spooky!

The Cell - Blooding Mask


Going furter in the past, This was the first video shot for Blooding Mask. It begins with part of the acted version of "The 5 Monsters" played by David Bickerstaff (Dr Who, The Scaryfiers). I obtained special authorisation to shoot a music video in the circle of Stonehenge despite even huge names were turned down. The shooting started prior to arrival. The sky was so foggy it was hard to find the site. As soon as I entered the circle the fog opened and everything was sunny and shiny. (All this was caught on camera). As soon as I left, it started raining and it was cold again. What an experience! Felt high for the whole day!

Blooding Mask in Camden


This bit of our gig at the Purple Turtle in Camden was rather amusing! Part of The Most Haunted Tour, it shows a few tracks live.

Well it was a great day! We even met precious fans I am a fan of! Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror Picture's show gorgeous Magenta) and Marcus Sinclair.

Me lucky girl!!

Maethelyiah's interview


This long interview was shot a few years ago near Rome where I grew up. There's bits and bobs about supernatural and what makes the obscure part of Blooding Mask.

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